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What security settings should I use on my Zoom Personal Meeting Room? How do I set them?


For Personal Meeting Rooms, U-M ITS recommends using a Waiting Room so you can control who can join and when. If you only expect U-M students, faculty, and/or staff in your Personal Meeting Room, you can also use Authentication (Require authentication to join>University of Michigan Users). Use multiple security options for added security.

  1. Navigate to and login if prompted
  2. Click the Personal Room tab at the top of the page
  3. Click Edit
    • To set a Waiting Room: Check the box next to Waiting room in the Security section
    • To set Authentication: Check the box next to Require authentication to join in the Meeting Options section, and ensure that University of Michigan Users is selected in the drop-down
    • To set a Passcode: Check the box next to Passcode in the Security section and enter the passcode you would like to use
  4. Click Save
Passcode Note: If you only use a Passcode, anyone with the Passcode can join at any time.

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