Deferment of Admission

How do I request a deferment of my admission?

Deferment of admission is an option for admitted first-year students who wish to delay their enrollment at U-M because of personal needs or interests outside of college or university level academic coursework. However, students who are admitted from the waitlist are not eligible to defer their enrollment at U-M for personal or religious needs/interests outside of college. Waitlisted students who are admitted are expected to enroll at the university for the term in which they are admitted.

Admitted transfer students to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) or the Stamps School of Art & Design can also be considered for a deferment of admission if they do not plan to to enroll or continue enrollment at any college or university during the deferment period. Transfer students admitted to academic units other than LSA or the Stamps School are not eligible for a deferment, but they can request to have their application updated for another term. When an application is updated for another term, a new admission decision will be rendered that includes consideration of grades for any newly completed courses taken since the previous application was reviewed.

College coursework is not allowed during a gap year/deferment. Taking college coursework at a community college or at any accredited institution, regardless of whether or not it is for credit, invalidates the deferment even if previously approved, and the student would need to reapply for admission to the University of Michigan and receive a new admission decision which will include consideration of the new academic information. Furthermore, if the student was previously admitted as an incoming first-year student, they would now need to reapply as a transfer student since college coursework was taken post graduation. Admission is contingent upon the student NOT enrolling in another college or university program for credit eligible coursework during the deferment period.

Deferments are typically granted for a period of one year.

Acceptable reasons for deferment:

  • Military or public service
  • Unique travel or work opportunity
  • Illness substantiated by a doctor's written confirmation
  • Cultural enrichment opportunity

Invalid reasons for requesting deferment:

  • Enrollment in another college or university program for credit eligible coursework
  • Electing a post-graduate year of study at a secondary school

How to request a deferment:

  • Log in to Enrollment Connect and select the Application menu.
  • Select Defer Your Admission and follow the instructions.

Upon submission, the deferment request will be reviewed. A decision can take 2-4 weeks or more as we often need to collaborate with cross-campus partners. If the deferment is granted, your application file will be updated to reflect the new term. A new application fee will be required as well as submission of final high school transcript (first-year students) or most recent college grades (LSA or Stamps School transfers).

No later than mid-November of the year preceding their new term of admission, students who are granted a deferment will be officially admitted to their new term and sent new admission materials. If an enrollment deposit was not paid prior to requesting the deferment, it will be due at that time. All decisions on deferments are final - once your request has been submitted and approved, you cannot be readmitted to your original term.

If you have not paid the enrollment deposit, your request must be submitted by your enrollment deposit deadline.

If you were admitted for the fall term and you have paid your enrollment deposit, your request must be submitted by July 15.

If you were admitted for the winter, spring, or summer term and you have paid your enrollment deposit, your request must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of classes.

If you have questions about the deferment process, please email

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