Updating Term and/or School or College

I have already submitted my application to the University of Michigan. How do I update my application for a new term and/or school or college?

Please allow our office 48 hours after you submit your application before you request an update.

If you need to request that your application be updated to a different term or school or college, and any applicable application deadlines have not passed, go to Enrollment Connect and choose the Application menu. Next select the button that reads Verify Application Answers and click on "Request to Update U-M College or Term."

Applications may only be updated for a term less than one year from the original term of application. If more than three terms will have expired, a new Common Application with a new application fee must be submitted. For example, if you wish to change the term of your application from fall 2023 to winter 2024, spring 2024 (transfer applicants only), or summer 2024, you may request to have your application updated and no new application fee is needed. However, if you wish to change the term of your application from fall 2023 to fall 2024, a new application must be submitted with a new application fee.

Transfers: Any update to a new term will require you to submit transcripts showing grades for any newly completed courses since your previous application as well as a course listing for the current term. In addition, any update to a new school or college will require that a short answer essay for the new school or college be submitted.

Admitted students: Please be aware that updating your application to a new school/college or term in the manner above will cancel your existing offer of admission. Your updated application will need to be re-evaluated for admissions consideration, and you are not guaranteed an admit decision.

However, if you are a first-year admitted student and wish to take a gap year for personal needs or interests outside of college or university level academic coursework, deferment of admission may be an option. To defer your admission, log in to Enrollment Connect and select the Application menu. Then select Defer Your Admission and follow the instructions. If you have questions about the deferment process, please email oua.deferment@umich.edu.

If you have questions about updating your term or school or college, please contact your admissions counselor.

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