Zoom: Claim Host Role During a Meeting

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In order to have full access to meeting management tools, make sure that Zoom is recognizing you as the Host of the meetings you schedule. Being a guest in your own Zoom meeting may prevent you from screen-sharing, allowing others to screen-share, using Breakout Rooms and recording.

1. Check your name in the Participant list for the (Host, me) designation, if this is not present, continue to Step 2.

Screenshot of the Zoom toolbar displaying buttons to view Participants, Chat, Screen Share, and Record.  Participants is circled.

2. In the Participant panel, look for the 'Claim Host' button located at the bottom of the Participant names

3. Select 'I am the host' at the bottom of the message window

Screenshot of the message that appears when a user clicks the 'Claim Host' button. There is a text field to enter in a 'Host Key', or click 'I am the host' to initiate a login step.

4. In the login box, select the option to 'Sign in with SSO'

The Zoom login page with the email and password fields X-ed out. Below that, the 'Sign in with SSO' button is circled.

5. This will launch the U-M Weblogin page. Sign in with your U-M uniqname and Level 1 password

6. After a successful login, you may be asked to re-launch Zoom from a pop-up window.

7. You should now see the (Host, me) designation next to your name and many more tools in the Zoom toolbar.

Screenshot of the Participants list in the Zoom meeting with the top name having a Host designation.


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