Panopto: Add Automated Captions

Using the Panopto editor, you can add an automated transcript to videos recorded for your students.  While not perfect, captions can aid learners that may not qualify for supports provided by the Services for Students with Disabilities office.

Note that if you receive a report of a student with a documented disability, more options are available by coordinating with SSD.


  1. Enter your Canvas site and the 'Panopto Recordings' menu
  2. Hover your mouse over the video you want to add captions to and click the 'Edit' menu that will appear under the titleScreenshot from Canvas of a mouse hovering over the Edit button of a Panopto video
  3. From the menu on the far left of the Panopto Editor, click 'Captions'
  4. Click the 'Import Captions' drop-down menu
  5. Choose 'Import automated captions'
    • You may review the captions that get inserted for accuracy, and make edits to the text by clicking in the text boxesScreenshot of the left-hand side of the Panopto editor on the Captions menu with the Import captions drop-down open displaying the option to import automatic captions
  6. Locate and click the 'Apply' button in the upper right corner of the Panopto Editor

The process is now completed, the captions will be applied and available to students after a few moments.

At any time, you can return to the Editor by clicking the 'Edit' button and 'Captions' menu on the left to make changes to the caption text and 'Apply' your changes.


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