Panopto: Move a Zoom Recording to Panopto

There may be times that you want to take a recording from Zoom and save it in Panopto.  Some reasons and benefits of doing this might be:

  • All class recordings are located in one place for consistent access for students
  • Recordings will remain in Panopto and are not deleted (Recordings are deleted from Zoom after 150 days)

See the video demonstration or follow the written instructions below.



Step 1: Download from Zoom

  1. Go to the Recordings list on the Zoom Web Portal at
  2. Click the Meeting title to see the files to download:
  • Look for the 'Recording-1' file. These will include video, audio, and any screen sharing that took place during the meeting.
  • You may have multiple recordings for the same meeting if the recording was stopped and restarted. Download all of the files you want to keep.
  • Consider downloading the .vtt audio transcript file, as this can be used to add closed captioning to your video once uploaded to Panopto.


Step 2: Upload to Panopto

  1. Navigate to the Panopto Recordings menu on your Canvas site.  

  1. Wait for the page to load, and click “Create” in the top center.
  2. Choose “Upload media” from the list.

  3. Click the “Choose audio or video files” to navigate your computer for the files you want to be uploaded.  
  4. Once successfully uploaded, you can close the upload window using the “X” in the upper right corner. 
  5. Videos will continue to process and will be visible to all members of this Canvas course once processing is complete.


Once uploaded, you can:

No transcript from Zoom?  Enable the automatic transcript.


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