Connect to MiStorage with macOS

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*If you are remotely connecting to the SPH File Servers (U: drive) the first step in connecting is to secure your connection using the VPN Client. Choose UM-off-campus-access and enter your unique name and Kerberos password.

Connect to Server

  1. Click 'Go' on the 'Finder' menu bar

  2. Choose 'Connect to Server'

    Go Menu
  3. In the 'Server Address' box:

    • type smb://  --> to display all SPH Departamental Shares.

    • or alternatively type: cifs://{SHARE}{SHARE} - (to connect directly to your department share)
      Connect to Server

      Replace {SHARE} with your department ( sph-biostat, sph-deans, sph-ehs, sph-epid, sph-hbhe, sph-hmp, sph-ns, sph-public, sph-secure ) ( e.g. cifs:// )

  4. Click 'Connect'


  1. Enter your credentials as shown below:

    Enter Credentials
  2. Click 'Connect'

Create an Alias

This will allow you to disconnect from the SPH network without losing the drive mapping.

  1. Choose 'Preferences' from the 'Finder' menu:

    Make Alias
  2. Check the box for 'Connected servers':

    Finder Preferences
  3. Right click (or Control+click) the 'SHARE' icon on your Desktop and choose 'Make Alias':

    Finder Preferences (2)

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