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Connect to VPN

  1. Launch the "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" and click 'Connect' to establish a connection.

    Cisco AnyConnect
  2. When prompted for username and password enter your UMICH uniquename and password.

    Cisco AnyConnect

Method #1 – Connect to Server:

  • Double-click on Map_U.exe to launch*
    • *If you receive an application error when launching Map_U you will need to install the .NET Framework 3.5 sp1

Enter your uniquename and AD password and click Connect

  • Enter your uniqname and AD password and click Map It
  • If you enter your password wrong it will take 30 seconds for the program to let you know; please be patient
  • The program will close after completion and you will find a U: drive within My Computer

Method #2 - Connect to Server:

  • Click Start button then Run
  • Enter: \\\sph

Click Start button then Run

  • If you are at home it may take up to 30sec for this screen to appear
  • In the user name field type UMROOT\youruniqname (don’t forget the UMROOT)
  • Enter your uniqname

Enter your uniqname password

  • If you entered your uniqname and password correctly the SPH folder will open

the SPH folder

There is also a video that demonstrates the above method found here.

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