Kaltura Capture


Kaltura Capture is a simple desktop recording application that allows you to record your screen, webcam, microphone, or any combination of the three.

Accessing Kaltura Capture

To access Kaltura Capture:
  1. Log into Blackboard or Canvas and click on the My Media tab (located in the top menu of Blackboard and the left side menu in Canvas).
    Blackboard    canvas
  2. At the top of the page, click Add New and select Kaltura Capture to launch the application.

    The first time you use Capture, you will be asked to install the application. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

  3. If you are prompted, click the Open Kaltura Capture button on your browser to launch Capture


Once the Capture application opens, you will have multiple recording options available depending on the devices you have attached or built into your computer

  • Icons that are gray with a line through them indicate that they are not currently selected for use in recording.
  • Click on any icon to enable it. The icon will turn blue to show that it is enabled.
  • The screen icon, when enabled, will give an option to record the full screen or a selected area.

To start recording

  1. Click the red record button to begin recording. You will receive a countdown before recording starts
  2. Once recording has begun, a toolbar appears in the bottom right of the screen with the timer and the recording controls.
    recording controls
    • The stop button (white square) is used when you are finished recording
    • The pause button (red circle with two white lines) allows you to temporarily stop recording then pick up where you left off.
    • The cancel button (white X) will cancel the recording completely
  3. Press the stop button when the recording is finished and confirm you wish to stop.
  4. Choose Save & Upload on the next screen to save your recording and upload it to your Media Gallery.


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