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Whether you are just looking for a quote or for a cart to be created you’ve come to the right place.  ITS is here to answer any technology questions that you may have and ensure that you get the appropriate equipment for your business needs.


Getting Started

Once you get into the form, please select the computer equipment that you are looking for.  It is important to fill out the form as completely as possible to give technicians the necessary information to make an appropriate selection.


Submitting Your Request

Once you have submitted your request the following will take place.

  1. A ticket will be created with the details of your request.  This ticket will be directed to Desktop Computing Services (DCS) automatically.  
  2. A technician will review your request.  
  3. If more information is needed or the technician has suggestions for your request they will respond to the ticket with that information.
  1. This response will go to the email address of the original requestor at which point the requestor can simply reply to the email.
  2. Requestors may also view and reply to the ticket in the ITS client portal by going to https://go.umflint.edu/ITS-Support and clicking “My Requests”.
  1. Once the technician has all of the information that is needed, they will do one of two things depending on whether the requestor has requested a “Quote” or a “Cart”
  1. Selected Quote
  1. The quote will be sent to the requestor with the pricing information for the requested equipment.  The ticket will be closed and no further action will be taken.  
  1. Selected Cart
  1. A cart will be created in Marketsite with the requested items.
  2. The cart will be transferred to the authorized department purchaser (Cart Assignee listed on the form)
  1. Please Note - If computers are requested on the order the shipping information will indicate that the order will be shipped to ITS with a note of the ticket number.
  1. It is the department’s responsibility to proceed with the ordering process from this point.  
  1. If for any reason the decision to not proceed with the order is made, kindly reply to the ticket and let ITS know so that we may close out the ticket.
  1. At this point, the ticket will be put on hold while we wait for the equipment to arrive on campus.  


Shipping and Processing

Once the department has placed the order, tracking information is generally provided to the requestor and they will be alerted of any changes or delays to the order.  As noted above, if the equipment is shipped to ITS we will receive the equipment from shipping and receiving.  All computers will be imaged automatically with the standard university software before final delivery to the end-user.  

Once the equipment is ready for the end-user(s), an ITS technician will reach out on the original ticket and update the requestor.  The original ticket will be updated throughout the process until the equipment has reached the end-user.  

Finally, once all of the equipment from the order has been received, processed, and delivered. The ticket will be closed out.  If any questions or problems come up after this point we kindly ask that you contact the ITS Helpdesk and create a new ticket.  


Additional Resources

Flint ITS Intranet - https://intranet.umflint.edu/its/

Flint ITS Support Portal - https://go.umflint.edu/ITS-Support

Supported Hardware Policy - https://intranet.umflint.edu/its/supported-technology-hardware/





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