Connecting Mobile Devices to Eduroam

Before You Begin

This guide will include all the information that you will need to connect your device to our university eduroam wireless. We are not able to provide exact steps for configuring specific devices due to the vast number of devices that are available in today’s market. Please contact your service provider if you have questions about your device supporting the settings provided below.

Intended Audience

This article is intended for current faculty, staff, and students who would like to learn about general wireless configuration for their university accounts on mobile devices.


To connect your device to the university's wireless network, you will need your uniqname and current password.

How to Configure Your Mobile Device Wireless

  • Android Devices
    1. Tap the Settings Icon
    2. Tap the Network and Internet
    3. Under the “Wireless Networks”, ensure Wi-Fi is On
    4. Tap the Wi-Fi Icon
    5. Tap eduroam
    6. Ensure EAP Method is set to PEAP
    7. For Phase 2 Authentication choose MSCHAPV2
    8. For CA certificate choose do not validate
    9. For Domain enter
    10. For identity enter your for the username
    11. For anonymous identity leave this blank
    12. Enter your current password
    13. Press Connect
  • Apple Devices
    1. Open the Settings Application.
    2. Press the Wifi Option.
    3. Press the eduroam Wifi Connection.
    4. At the prompt enter:
      • Username:
      • Password: your current Password
    5. Press the Join button.
    6. Note* If prompted, tap Accept to accept the server's certificate.


If you have any questions or experience any issues with this article, please visit or contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.


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