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What is Google drive?

With the partnership between Google and the University of Michigan, affiliates of the University are granted access to Google's cloud storage system: Google Drive.

Note: Google Shared Drives must be requested. Please click the following link to request a Google Shared Drive  

UM-Flint Students, Staff & Faculty members can log in and access this service using their uniqname and current password. Please contact the helpdesk if you are experiencing any issues logging in.


Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more - Google Drive gives you the ability to collaborate with colleagues in real-time anywhere with an internet connection. Use Google Forms to create questionnaires or quizzes, then collect data in a spreadsheet as people respond. You get a limited amount of storage for files converted to native Drive formats and a limited amount of shared storage for files that have not been converted (such as PDFs, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, etc.) For an explanation of storage limits please see the following:

How Am I Affected by the Google Storage Project?


Google Drive is covered by the University's Google Apps for Education agreement. It provides a secure environment within which to maintain or share the university's sensitive unregulated data, as well as some - but not all - kinds of sensitive regulated data. Before utilizing this service, please carefully read through the Sensitive Data Guide for Google Drive. Links are provided below.


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