Printing From a Wireless Device

Before You Begin

Any University affiliates with an active student or legacy alumni accounts with print credits, can print to the campus PaperCut printers using their personal devices. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with the process outlined in this article, please visit the ITS Helpdesk in 206 MSB for assistance.

Intended Audience

This article is intended to give active students the general process to print from your personal wireless devices which may include a laptop, tablet, or other wireless-capable devices.


Please note: Printing from a wireless device with this method will not allow for printing double-sided. If you would like to print double-sided please print from a lab computer on campus. There is also a file size limit of 1GB or smaller on files that are sent to the printers. This limit is enforced to maintain the stability and performance of the system for all users.

Only select file types are supported by Web Print. Please reference the guide below for the supported file extensions:

  • Microsoft Excel: xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx.
  • Microsoft Word: doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, rtf, txt, pdf.
  • Picture Files: bmp, dib, gif, jfif, jif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff.

Table of Contents

How to Print from Your Wireless Device

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  1. Connect to the eduroam wireless network.
  2. In any browser navigate to
  3. Login to the site using your uniqname and then your password.
  4. Click Web Print, from the navigation list on the left.
  5. Click Submit a Job found on the top left side of the page.
  6. In the Web Print menu, select the printer name you want your print job to be sent to:
    • umf-papercut\Main (virtual) is for black and white documents and cost 1 print credit.
    • umf-papercut\Main-Color (virtual) is for color documents and cost 6 print credits.
  7. Click the Print Options and Account Selection button.
  8. Fill in the number of copies you would like printed, and then click the Upload Documents button.
  9. Click Upload from computer.
    • Be sure to review the approved file types before uploading your document.
  10. After clicking upload from computer, browse and select the file you want to print. Once you have selected the file, click Upload & Complete to send it to the printer.
  11. The document will now be available on any of the PaperCut printers, located throughout UM-Flint's campus computer labs.

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If you have any questions or experience any issues with this article, please visit or contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.


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