Moderating UM-Flint Mandatory Listservs

Intended Audience

This article is intended for the benefit of University faculty and staff who manage or moderate Mailman mailing lists that would like additional information about the management side of these listserves.


By default, all messages are held for moderator approval. This is done to prevent unauthorized messages from being sent out to the entire campus community. If you have been granted moderator permissions, you will be able to approve your messages via the web portal: If you do not have clearance, you will need to get approval from the ITS Department to send out your communication. This can be done by creating a work ticket for ITS and specifying your request.

Please Note: ITS may require approval from another group in order for the communication to be released.

Moderating UM-Flint Mandatory Listservs

Using data gathered from MCommunity, we have created the following mandatory listservs:


If you are a moderator of a mandatory listserv, you have been granted special permission to send and approve messages to the UM-Flint campus community. As a moderator, you will be getting approval notifications for all messages that are sent to the listserv. This will allow you to proofread your message before sending it.


Please Note: To avoid confusion, we recommend only approving/discarding messages that you personally have submitted, or are authorized on behalf of the sender to approve the submission.

To Moderate a Mandatory Listserv:

  1. Navigate to and log in via the upper-right menu button with your university credentials.
  2. Once successfully logged in, you should now see lists that you are subscribed to, as shown below:

  3. Click on the name of the list that you want to moderate. On the next screen, click the tab that says “Held messages”:

  4. From the Held messages tab, you can Accept, Reject or Discard any messages that were held by the list for moderation.
    1. Accept: the message will immediately send the message to all list members
    2. Reject: the message will notify the sender that the message has been rejected, and then discard the message
    3. Discard: the message will silently remove the message from the queue. It will not be sent out to the list members.
  5. To view the content of the message, you can click on the message’s Subject, which would show a screen similar to below:

  6. Options to Accept, Reject, or Discard the message being viewed can be accessed from this screen as well.


If you have any questions or experience any issues with this article please visit or contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.


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