Conducting Person Searches In Banner

This article will explain how to better utilize Banner as a tool for searching information about users that are affiliated with the University.

Intended Audience:

This article is intended for current faculty and staff who use Banner and need to perform a person search.


To follow this article, you will need to have a Banner ID and DUO Authentication for Banner access. To obtain a Banner ID and DUO, please refer to the article What is Banner?

Before You Begin:

You will first need to sign into Banner:

  1. Open Banner by going to
  2. You will be prompted to log in with your uniqname and current password.
  3. You will then need to accept a Duo prompt to your Duo device.

ID Search in Banner:

  • To find a person in any Banner page you may enter a person’s ID in the "ID:" field of the key block.
  • You may enter either, their UMID, Social Security Number, or Generated ID (a G number). If you can’t find a person by using one (or all) of their IDs then you will need to perform a name search.
  • Banner searches look for exact matches. Partial names can be entered with the use of the wildcard. In Banner, the % is used as a wildcard to represent missing characters.

Option 1: Name Search Using SOAIDEN:

In any Banner page, simply click the '...' Search button next to the ID field and select Person Search from the Options List that appears to use the SOAIDEN (Person Search)


  1. SOAIDEN allows you to search for a person by name and populate a list of all records that meet your search criteria.
  2. Select Last Name from the drop-down menu and type in the person’s Last Name and in the next line select First Name from the drop-down menu and enter the person’s First Name.
  3. After entering the search criteria, click the Go Button.
  4. A list of all persons that meet your search criteria will populate. Select the correct person from the list by double-clicking the ID, and you should be redirected back to the page where you began your search.
    • If your list is large, you may need to look on page 2 or 3 to find the right person.
    • If you need additional information to narrow down your results further, click on the Related Menu from the toolbar and Select Search and Display More Detail [SOAIDNS] and search again.
    • Now in addition to the name, birth date, gender, and change indicator (in the first block), each person’s registration terms, general student information, and addresses are displayed. As you scroll up and down through the list of people matching your search criteria, the information in these blocks changes to values that correspond to the current name record.

Option 2: Name Search Using Wildcards:

In any Banner page, you may enter a person’s name in the key block.

  1. Press <Tab> to place your cursor in the "Name block" next to the "ID:" field (see picture below for an example)
  2. Enter the last name, first name (e.g. Smith, William)
    • You may type the last name only (e.g. Hoover) or the first 3-5 characters followed by %. Use % in place of unknown characters (e.g. for McAvoy, try M%voy) or last name, first name (e.g. Smith, Dan%).
    • Note: Proper capitalization is needed.
  3. Press <Tab> to verify the name.
    • If an exact match is found, the ID number will appear in the "ID:" field.
    • If multiple matches are found, a new search window like the one below will display, allowing you to specify further criteria to narrow your search.

How to Narrow Your Search Results:

You may now narrow your search results by entering any of the following known criteria: City, State, ZIP/PC, Date of Birth, Gender, or SSN/SIN/TIN.

  1. Fill in one or more of the fields to narrow your search results and click the Reduce Search Button located on the bottom of the window and then Press to See Results.
    • State and Province codes can be looked up by using the Look-Up button for the State or Province field. Zip and Postal codes can be looked up by using the Look-Up button for the ZIP or Postal Code field.
    • The number in the top right corner now reflects the number of results for your reduced search and the Press to See Results button will show you the reduced list of results.
    • If you want to cancel a query click the Clear Search button located near the bottom of the window.
  2. Repeat Step 1 until there is only one search result or until you locate the desired person in the Search Results. Select the person you are searching for and the record will open on the page you began your search from.



Additional Resources

For a more detailed look at Banner please refer to the Banner 9 Manual.


If what you are looking for is not found here and someone in your department can not provide you with your department's procedure for the task, please visit or contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.


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