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This article provides faculty and staff members some basic Banner navigation tips and tricks.


To follow this article, you will need to have a Banner ID and DUO Authentication for Banner access. To obtain a Banner ID and DUO, please refer to the article What is Banner?

Navigating Banner 9

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Once you have logged into Banner 9, you will see the new Welcome page.

NOTE: Some of the pictures in this document were taken in the test version of Banner, so pictures and colors may not be true in the production version of Banner.




The Welcome page contains a Search field in the middle of the page or you may access it by selecting the magnifying glass from the side menu, which can be used to search for or access pages, jobs, menus, and quickflows.

  • Select Search (this is the default) to search for pages, jobs, menus, and quickflows. Enter any part of the seven-letter object identifier, page acronym, or page description name to search for pages, jobs, menus, and quickflows.
  • Select Direct Navigation if you know the name of the page you want to access. Enter the exact seven-letter object identifier, page acronym, or the complete page description name to directly access pages, jobs, menus, and quickflows.

If a page is selected, that page will open. If a menu item is selected from the landing page search results, the menu panel will open and the selected menu will be displayed.




There are many ways to do the same function in Banner. You can click within the page with the mouse, click the toolbar icon/button, use tab, or use the shortcut keys.


If you have any questions or experience any issues not covered by the information in this article, please stop by or call the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.


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Additional Resources

For a more detailed look at Banner please refer to the Banner 9 Manual.

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