General instructions on how to submit proof of payment

Submitting proof of payment can sometimes be a bit complicated, so here's a basic overview of what you need to submit to us.

We require the same four items for every expense: 

  • Who you paid, such as the store or the online vendor
  • How you paid, i.e. was it a credit card, charge to your SOAS account, or what?
  • What you paid: the total amount
  • When you paid: date of transaction

SOAS also requires that the expenses are itemized, as there are many expenses that the University cannot cover (alcoholic beverages, for example). If it's unclear what you paid for (i.e. it's just a receipt for a payment at Target), we require it too. It's okay to have these ineligible expenses on your proof of payment; you just need to make sure you identify and subtract them.

Here's an example of valid proof of payment. 

An image of an example proof of payment.

As you can see, it includes all of the required items: 

  • Who the organization paid: Meijer
  • How the organization paid: a Visa card, ending in 4174
  • What the organization paid: $0.69
  • When the organization paid: 1/11/2020
  • An itemized list: the organization just bought one banana.

Your organization's proof of payment will probably look different, but most receipts, statements, and paid invoices have all of these elements clearly displayed. 

Note that we can't accept things like unpaid quotes, invoices, or estimates, or unpaid reservation confirmations. They do not show a payment, so we can't confirm that you paid. If it is all you have, and it has already come out of your SOAS account, you can combine it with the journal entry from your SOAS Dashboard and we can probably accept it. If you paid some other way, contact us for assistance and we might be able to help.

Some types of proof of payment, like airfare, hotels, mileage, and services rendered, will look very different. We have made specific articles for these; check out our other knowledge base articles for specific outlines of those types.

We're always here to answer your questions about valid proof of payment. If you can't find what you're looking for here or on the CSG website, add a comment to your ticket, or email, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Remember: this is the process to get the money from us into your SOAS account. We don't make direct payments. You will have to go through a separate process with SOAS to get your members reimbursed. For more information about that, visit the SOAS website. Purchase Requests | Student Organization Accounts Services (

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