How do I get reimbursed for services rendered?

"Services rendered" are what we and SOAS call payments for services from people. Some examples of people you might pay would be photographers, web designers, application developers, or security guards. There are special requirements for these payments, to protect against fraudulent activity and to meet both the University's internal controls and requirements set by the Internal Revenue Service.

We need the usual items: who you paid, how you paid, what you paid, and when you paid. For services rendered, this might look a bit different from other types of proof of payment.

The best way to provide this information is with an invoice that is combined with proof of payment. Many vendors have a way to look online for a statement of their charges and a showing of payment, just like a regular receipt. If that is available, use that.

Often, though, individuals do not have these capabilities, so they request a check or an online money transfer. We cannot accept this alone as proof, because we do not know what you paid for, or if you just sent a PayPal payment to your best friend. These payments need to be combined with an invoice. An invoice should have the name and address of who you paid, what services they provided and how much they cost, and the total amount due. Then, you should submit proof you paid this in the form of a check deposit image from your bank account, proof of electronic transfer of payment, or your SOAS journal entry. 

We have attached an example invoice that includes what the SOAS journal entry from the SOAS Dashboard would look like. If you have those things, you should be set. Another attachment contains examples of what we mean by a check deposit image or proof of electronic transfer payment. 

We have also attached an Excel spreadsheet invoice that you can use if you want. Just have your vendor fill it out (or fill it out for them and have them review it). We have also attached a Word document that your vendors can use to indicate they have paid you. You are permitted to pre-fill these for your vendor but they must look at them and give their final approval. Please keep in mind that fraudulently filling these out and submitting them could have serious consequences for your organization, including bars from future funding, referrals to the Office of Student Conflict Resolution or law enforcement, or legal action against your organization. 

Notes for SOAS procedures: You will need to submit a W-9 to SOAS for the vendor to be paid. We do not need this information and you should not attach it. For individuals, this includes a Social Security number, and it is a violation of data protection policies to upload this. SOAS will also not allow you to pay vendors directly with a check and get reimbursed. We do not have the same rule, but just because we reimburse you does not mean SOAS will.

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