How do I get reimbursed for hotel expenses?

We require the same four items for hotel expenses that we require from every other receipt: who you paid, how you paid, what you paid, and when you paid. With hotels, it is also very important that the expenses are itemized, as there are many expenses we do not cover that you can charge to the room (alcoholic beverages, food, toiletries, etc.). It's okay if you put these expenses on your bill; you just need to make sure you identify and subtract them.


Traditional hotels, booked directly

Traditional hotels usually provide you what is called a hotel folio on checkout. This will contain the name of the hotel, check in and check out dates (and usually times), a full itemized list of expenses, the payment method, and the total. This is the ideal proof of payment for any hotel expenses, as it meets all of our requirements and is quite standard across all hotels. See the attachments section of this article for an example, with the important parts highlighted and explained.



Many organizations use Airbnb if it better suits their needs. That's fine, but Airbnb receipts look a bit different and might not be sufficient if you aren't careful. See the attachments section for an example Airbnb receipt that would satisfy our requirements. 


Be careful with aggregators

Use caution when booking hotels through aggregators like Expedia or These often take payments directly through the website and transfer the payment to the hotel, leaving the hotel with no folio to give you because you made no payment, and the website's receipt not being sufficient.


Discounts and tax exemptions available through the University 

Final notes: Try booking through Concur, the University's travel booking site, if you are a University employee. It has special negotiated rates with national hotel chains and the receipts are automatically saved to your U-M account so you can't lose them. Concur & Mobile Apps | U of M Procurement ( Also, try getting your taxes waived if you are an SSO. Find out more information here, and contact your sponsoring department for more details: Forms and Certificates | University of Michigan Finance (

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