What is more secure when creating a Zoom meeting? Should I use a Waiting Room, or a Passcode?


When creating a Zoom meeting, security is important to prevent Zoombombing. There are a few ways to mitigate this threat, including the Waiting Room and Passcode features. The option you choose will ultimately depend on your individual use:

  • The Waiting Room feature allows the meeting host (and those they designate) to control when attendees join the meeting, including the ability to allow individuals to bypass it. Enabling the Waiting Room feature for an existing meeting will not change the existing meeting URL.
  • Passcodes provide an added layer of security, as attendees will be required to know them before joining the meeting. As an alternative, passcodes can be encrypted and embedded in a Zoom meeting URL, so attendees can join without needing to know it. This means, however, that the URL for an existing meeting will need to change.

CAEN generally suggests using the Waiting Room feature with the U-M recommended settings for updating existing Zoom meetings. When creating new meetings, a Passcode may provide additional protection.

Refer to the U-M page for How to Secure Meetings and Webinars in Zoom page for additional guidance, or contact CAEN with questions.



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