How do I connect to the docking station in one of the College's hoteling locations?

Docking Stations

At various hoteling locations around Michigan Engineering buildings, we have installed Anker 563 docking stations:

docking station

For the best experience, you may need to install the Synaptic DisplayLink driver to access the dual monitors. Detailed driver installation instructions are provided below:

Windows PC Laptops

If you have a newer PC laptop with a USB-C port, you will need to install the driver to use both monitors. Navigate to the synaptics Windows Driver Downloads website to download and install the driver for your device. Run the installer, and a window similar to what is shown below will open. Click the Install button, and follow the prompts until you are prompted to click Finish, then reboot:

DisplayLink Graphics system check

Once you have rebooted, you should be able to display on both monitors.

Mac M1 or M2 Laptops

If you have a newer Mac laptop with the M1 or M2 processor, a driver will be needed to use the dual displays. Navigate to the synaptics DisplayLink macOS Software website to download and install the driver for your device. Once the driver is installed, you will need to open System Preferences >> Security & Privacy. Click the Privacy tab, then scroll down to Screen Recording and make sure DisplayLink Manager is checked:

Mac security & privacy for DisplayLink Manager

Once this is checked, click the padlock icon in the lower-left corner, and you should receive a prompt to quit and reopen the DisplayLink app.

You may find that the default location of the Displays or Screen Resolution needs to be changed. You can use the System Preferences >> Displays control panel to make these adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Setup for macOS
To adjust the orientation of the monitors, or to adjust the resolutions settings, go to System Preferences >> Displays control panel to make these adjustments.

Initial Setup for Windows 10 or 11
Select: Start >> Settings >> System >> Display

Returning to a previously-used location
The DisplayLink Manager software will remember your settings, like screen orientation and screen resolution for each dock. This feature should improve your plug and play experience. If this is the first time you are using a docking station in a specific location, you may need to make adjustments to your settings. Please see the Initial Setup instructions.

The Dock and Menu Bar on my Mac are missing?
You may find that the Dock and Menu Bar has been relocated after connecting to the docking station. When using screen positions Left or Right for the application Dock, you will find the Dock has moved to the furthest monitor on the side you select, based on the display's logical location as defined in the Display control panel configuration.

Mouse Scroll wheel is inverted

  • Open System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • If you're using your laptop's trackpad, select Trackpad. If you're using an external mouse, select Mouse.
  • Open the second tab, Scroll & Zoom.
  • Scroll direction change.

Tips for using a PC keyboard with a Mac:

PC Mac
CONTROL COMMAND (for most shortcuts) or CONTROL
Windows/Start COMMAND/Apple
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