How do I create a "Table of Contents" block on a Page or Post in WordPress?

To activate this plugin and use the Heroic Table of Contents block, Contact CAEN to request it for your site. You will be notified when the plugin has been activated. Then:

  • Add the Heroic Table of Contents block by clicking on the Add Block icon ,+, and typing “heroic”:

search bar for adding new table of contents block

  • After the block has been added, you can make changes to the headings contained within the Table of Contents (TOC). To add a new heading, click the plus button at the bottom right of the block. To edit an existing heading, click on the pen icon beside the desired heading. To hide a heading from the TOC, toggle the eye icon beside the desired heading:

example table of contents block

  • To further edit the block, click the gear icon on the top right of the page:

settings button for block

  • Edit the styles of the TOC and the heading visibility settings. You can select one heading level or multiple levels to appear on the TOC, as desired:

block settings

  • The TOC operates like any other block on the page, and so can be dragged and positioned anywhere within the content portion of the page. However, Heroic TOC cannot be placed in a page’s sidebar.
  • Update your site, after Previewing to make sure that the TOC is as desired:

preview option for page

Below is an example of a finished Table of Contents, which utilizes two heading levels:

example preview of table of contents

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