Why does Minitab require me to log in when launching it on CAEN computers? How do I log in?

Due to changes in the vendor license for the latest version of Minitab, there are now only a limited number of licenses available for use on CAEN computers. In addition, users will be required to log in when launching Minitab from the AppsAnywhere page on computers running the CLSE for Windows, as described below. If you wish to use Minitab and are denied access when attempting to launch it, you must fill out and submit our CLSE Software License Access Request form.

To begin, launch Minitab from AppsAnywhere. A window will pop up presenting various options for logging in. Enter your U-M email address in the Email field, and click Next:


On the following window, make sure to select University of Michigan SSO:

You will then be forwarded to the main U-M Weblogin page, where you can log in with your uniqname, UMICH password, and Duo two-factor authentication:

After successfully logging in, Minitab should launch normally.


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Wed 9/1/21 7:57 AM
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