What can I use as an event registration system at U-M?

There are many applications that allow you to have individuals RSVP for an event, including several pieces of University-approved software that can be purchased or used as a free trial product. If you are using something that hasn’t been vetted or developed by the University - please make sure you follow all University guidelines on sensitive data and software. 

Options that have already been approved include:

  • Google Forms - Great for simple and fast RSVP forms that are quick to set up, and can utilize images for branding your form for Michigan Engineering.
  • Sessions @ Michigan - Sessions is a full-featured U-M event registration system. Users can log in using their Google, Microsoft, Twitter, or U-M friend accounts. The system can automatically send reminder email messages, has options for tracking attendance, and keeps a list of all events you have organized or attended. Documentation on Sessions @ Michigan can be found here.


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