How do I get an RSS feed for the posts on my WordPress website?

To display a feed of all the posts for your site, simply add/feed to the end of your website's URL. So, if your website was, go to:

To display a feed of a specific category or tag for your posts, navigate to your desired category or tag. If you are unsure which category or tag you need, please email the site contact, whose information you can find in the left sidebar or at the bottom left corner of the page. Your category or tag page will look similar to the following example:


Make sure to double-check that the resulting posts match what you want to show in your RSS feedreader. Now that you’ve found the category or tag you want, append feed to the end of the current URL, e.g.:

example of URL with feed appended to the end

The feed should appear at the URL you entered, and resemble something like this:


Copy the URL you just made, and paste it into your RSS feedreader.

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