How do I create a CAEN profile in WordPress?

To create a Profile, you can either hover over the Profiles link in the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard or click to expand it to reveal the submenu:

profiles menu

The Add New Profile page can also be found by hovering over the + New link in the WordPress admin bar, and clicking Profiles.

Click the Add New link. You’ll see the Add New Profile page, where you can enter information about the individual. Note that the Title does not display on the Profile views.

new profile fields

Fill out as much information as you wish.  All the fields are optional.

Profile Sections

The final field is a Profile Section, where you can add different sections of content which will appear when you view the profile:

profile section

Additional sections may be added by clicking the Add Another Profile Section button. To add content to each additional section, you must first click Publish or Update in order to load the editors.

Refer to our other knowledge base articles for more information on using Profiles.


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