How do I create a Site Message in WordPress

The Site Message allows tagline text and/or a logo image to be placed on the site. The same Site Message appears in the upper-left corner of all pages on the site, above the left sidebar widgets. It is not customizable per-page.

To edit your Site Message:

  • Click on Appearance in the left navigation of your site's Dashboard, and select Customize:

  • Click on Site Message to open the menu.

  • Enter your tagline in either the Small text or Large text fields.

Note:  If you enter a tagline in the Site Identity section it will not display on your website:

  • To change your image, click on the thumbnail of the image. If no image is currently visible in the Image (max-width: 205px) section and you would like to include an image (which is optional), click on the Select Image button to upload a new logo.
  • Click the blue Save & Publish button when finished.


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