What's the best way to display a video on my WordPress website?

The best way to display a video on a page is to upload your video to YouTube. You can than paste the YouTube embed code into the body of your page, e.g. like this:

If you don't wish the video to be in the body of your page, or if you would like a video to be available on multiple pages, you can display a video using a thumbnail in a Freeform widget:

When the thumbnail is clicked, the video will then "pop up" in a box over the page: 

To do this, first contact CAEN to request activation of the WP Video Lightbox plugin. Once this has been done, you may create the Freeform widget and paste in the following code (replacing the bolded portions with your video's information):

<div class="widget-lightbox-video">
<p class="widget-lightbox-video-caption">Video Title Here</p>
</div><a href="Video URL Here" rel="wp-video-lightbox" title="Video Description Here">
<img src="Preview Image URL Here" class="widget-lightbox-video-image" 
alt="Video Title Here" /></a>


To create a preview image, upload a 200px by 160px image file that you want to use as a preview, and copy the File URL. Insert that where Preview Image URL Here is above.

If you choose to give the video an additional title to display when viewing, replace the Video Title Here text.


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