How do I change the contact information for a single page?

To edit the Contact person for an individual page:

  1. Edit the page on which you would like to change the Contact.
  2. Fill in the Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone, and Contact Room Number & Building fields. A list of building abbreviations is provided via the Click here for building abbreviations link under the Contact Room Number & Buildingfield.
  3. To customize the Contact person image for the page:
    • Obtain a properly-sized image (225px x 225px) for the site contact. For a headshot, contact the Office of Communications & Marketing (
    • Click Set featured image in the Featured Image section.
    • Once the Set Featured Image screen appears, click on the image to appear as the Contact person. The Caption, Alt Text, and Description fields are optional; these will not appear on your website.
    • Click Set featured image.
  4. Click the Update (or Publish) button to save your work.


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