How do I change the contact information for a single page?

To edit the Contact person for an individual page:

  1. Edit the page on which you would like to change the Contact information.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on Page Contact and select “Yes.”

Contact page? setting

  1. Fill in the Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone, and Contact Room Number & Building fields. A list of building abbreviations is provided via the link here.

Contact info form

  1. To customize the Contact person image for the page:
    • Obtain a properly-sized image (225px x 225px) for the site contact. For a headshot, contact the Office of Communications & Marketing (
    • At the bottom of the Page Contact drop down, in the Contact Image section, click Add Image.
    • In the Select Image popup window that appears, either click on the image you want to use as the Contact person from the Media Library or upload it directly through the Upload files tab. The Caption, Alt Text, and Description fields are optional; these will not appear on your website.
    • Click the blue Select button.
  2. Click the Update (or, if the page is still a draft, Save Draft) button to save your work.
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