Can I restrict or password-protect the content on my site?

CAEN's WordPress implementation does not (and cannot, due to the back-end systems it uses) support password-protecting pages, or putting them behind campus login, so that is not an option. Depending on which type of data you want to share, there may be a few options for you to share sensitive data safely:

  • If you are going to be sharing sensitive files, you can put them in Google Drive and then permit them to anyone on campus, or to an Mcommunity group.
  • Similar to the above option, you could put sensitive files in Dropbox and share them with an Mcommunity group using Dropbox Team Folders.
  • You could create a separate website, via Google Sites, and limit access to it using an Mcommunity group (you could also restrict it to only members of U-M), and link to that site from your main site.

If only a portion of a website's content requires it to be restricted by password-protection, other hosting options will need to be used for that content and linked-to from the WordPress site.

Choices for sharing sensitive data to a large extent depend on how sensitive the data is. The University published the Sensitive Data Guide to help choose the right options for the types of data being stored.


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