Why does it take a long time for Autodesk Fusion 360 to load when accessing CAEN Windows computers remotely?

Each time Fusion is run on a CAEN Windows virtual machine, it can take a couple minutes to pre-fetch and virtualize via AppsAnywhere, and it will appear to be stuck on the following screen:

Cloudpaging player

After waiting a couple of couple minutes, the screen should update, and the following screen will appear:

Cloudpaging player

Then, click on the Launch button in the top left corner of the Cloudpaging Player. The app should load and you will be prompted with a log-in screen. Note: Autodesk Fusion 360 can only be accessed with an existing Autodesk account. The app instantly prompts users with the log-in page once the app fully loads.

Background: When users try to access Autodesk Fusion through a remote connection via VMware, there will always be a delay of approximately 5-10 minutes when initially trying to load the app. This is because the virtual machines reset after logging off, so Fusion has to install and update each time a user logs in. This will occur every time when accessing CAEN remotely, and only for the first time when accessing it through physical machines. For better performance, it is advised that users access Fusion by downloading it onto their personal computers via Autodesk Education Community.


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Wed 6/28/23 9:44 AM
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