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DENT - Chair Repair

DENT - Small Equipment Repair

DENT-Application Development and Systems Architecture

System design, architecture, and development. There are overlaps with the Web service as well as the many disciplines such as business analysis and project management that make a large project go.

DENT-Backup and Restore

Configuration of backup systems, management and scheduling of backups, and retrieval of data from those systems


The University of Michigan's Learning Management System

DENT-Classroom Technology Support

Classrooms, teaching labs, virtual learning environments - hardware and software

DENT-Clinical Grading

Support for grading of clinical test cases with Qualtrics and Canvas


Assistance with workflow analysis, technical questions, IT strategy, training, analytics, and more.

DENT-Course Design Consultation

Assistance with design of courses.

DENT-Data Access and Extract

Extracts and management of data sets

DENT-Data Storage

Cloud-based and local services providing storage for individuals and projects.

DENT-Data Visualization and Analytics

Dashboards and analytics projects, review and interpretation of data.

DENT-Data Warehouses and Database Management

Hosting and administration of databases, physical and virtual.

DENT-Dental Technologies

Digital dentistry technology, including mills, signature pads, and swipe card readers

DENT-Desktop/Laptop Support

Support for laptop and desktop computers, particularly the hardware and operating systems

DENT-Device Purchasing

Help specifying and ordering technology products

DENT-Email and Collaboration Services

Gmail, the Google Suite, DataMotion, Microsoft 365, eSignature

DENT-Email Triage

Internal usage for Dental Informatics

DENT-External Referrals

DENT-Faculty Information Systems

Mountain Pass and Interfolio

DENT-Faculty Request System

FRS allows students to request input from members of faculty during clnical sessions

DENT-General Request

General, uncategorized request for service with Dental Informatics and Chair Repair.

DENT-iClicker Cloud

DENT-IT Communications and Documentation

Preparation of documentation or communications specific to technology projects and services.

DENT-Lecture Capture and Recording

DENT-Loaner Equipment

Requests for loaners, returns, or issues with those loaners

DENT-Media Production

Broadcasting, video recording, and media production.

DENT-MiDent Accounts

Requests for new MiDent accounts or for changes to existing permissions.

DENT-MiDent Support Request

Requests for support for the MiDent (AxiUm) application. Includes new functionality, clinical workflow changes, billing implementations, and teledentistry support

DENT-MiDent Upgrade Support

Use this form for requests and issues arising from a MiDent upgrade

DENT-MiTools Errors or Issues

Problems with the MiTools intranet service - errors or system failures

DENT-MiTools Requests for Change or Enhancement

The MiTools intranet tool and its components, including (but not limited to) time-off scheduling, appointments, search, and documentation

DENT-Mobile Device Support

Support for mobile devices such as tablets

DENT-Monitoring and Alert Management

Monitoring of IT services, including the underpinning technologies.

DENT-Network and Connectivity Management

Network connectivity - wired, wireless, broadband... including firewalls and access.

DENT-Other Account Requests

Requests to add, remove, or change permissions on other services

DENT-Patient Communication

Communication with patients. Includes the Televox voice messaging and SMS system.


Printing and associated copy, scan, fax services.

DENT-Project Management

Project Management.

DENT-Radiology and Digital Imaging

Imaging services including MiPACS, Dolphin, Primescan, and Omnicams

DENT-Remote Access

Access to systems supporting remote access to Dentistry resources

DENT-Research Analytics Support

Statistical and analytic support for research projects.

DENT-Research Data and Computing

Provision of data, storage, or computational power for research.

DENT-Research Software

Software supporting research efforts

DENT-Security Incident Response and Investigation

Offerings that respond to, remediate, and seek to present security incidents and vulnerabilities.

DENT-Security Review, Consulting, Education and Compliance

Security assessment, education, and awareness.

DENT-Server and Storage Management

Provisioning, hosting, and administration of physical and virtual servers and related storage. Includes the maintenance and provisioning of core storage capabilities such as server storage and database backups.

DENT-Software - Application Installation and Support

Distribution, installation, and troubleshooting of software and licenses.

DENT-Student Class Management

Support for loading student classes, rotations, and vacation schedules into MiDent

DENT-Survey Design

DENT-Survey Feedback

If you have a request for change to a School of Dentistry Survey, let us know how we can help!

DENT-Tableau Workbook Support

Report issues with existing Tableau workbooks

DENT-Tableau/Data Visualization Access

Access to Tableau workbooks or other data visualization products

DENT-Team Dynamix Support


Hard and soft phones, phone trees and voice prompts

DENT-Training and Outreach

Training, communication, education, organizational change management.


The Canvas Learning Management System, specific to School of Dentistry Applications


Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Video Solutions

DENT-Web Applications, Design and Development

Design, implementation and support of web-based systems.

DENT-Working/Learning Offsite

Help with technology that will support you while working off-site