My Recently Visited Services

Support for laptop and desktop computers, particularly the hardware and operating systems

Extracts and management of data sets

Help with technology that will support you while working off-site

Security assessment, education, and awareness.

Classrooms, teaching labs, virtual learning environments - hardware and software

FRS allows students to request input from members of faculty during clnical sessions

Printing and associated copy, scan, fax services.

Gmail, the Google Suite, DataMotion, Microsoft 365, eSignature

Access to systems supporting remote access to Dentistry resources

Dashboards and analytics projects, review and interpretation of data.

Support for mobile devices such as tablets

Statistical and analytic support for research projects.

Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Video Solutions

Provision of data, storage, or computational power for research.

The Canvas Learning Management System, specific to School of Dentistry Applications

Offerings that respond to, remediate, and seek to present security incidents and vulnerabilities.

Distribution, installation, and troubleshooting of software and licenses.

Requests for new MiDent accounts or for changes to existing permissions.

Provisioning, hosting, and administration of physical and virtual servers and related storage. Includes the maintenance and provisioning of core storage capabilities such as server storage and database backups.