My Recently Visited Services

Support for laptop and desktop computers, particularly the hardware and operating systems

General, uncategorized request for service with Dental Informatics and Chair Repair.

Help with technology that will support you while working off-site

FRS allows students to request input from members of faculty during clnical sessions

Distribution, installation, and troubleshooting of software and licenses.

Communication with patients. Includes the Televox voice messaging and SMS system.

For all regular updates to Dentistry public websites (includes,, etc.) - as well as - the reporting of issues/errors on any of those sites. Note: This does not include MiTools.

Use this form for requests and issues arising from a MiDent upgrade

Internal usage for Dental Informatics

Problems with the MiTools intranet service - errors or system failures

Support for grading of clinical test cases with Qualtrics and Canvas

Software supporting research efforts

Preparation of documentation or communications specific to technology projects and services.

Assistance with workflow analysis, technical questions, IT strategy, training, analytics, and more.

The MiTools intranet tool and its components, including (but not limited to) time-off scheduling, appointments, search, and documentation

Requests for support for the MiDent (AxiUm) application. Includes new functionality, clinical workflow changes, billing implementations, and teledentistry support

Access to Tableau workbooks or other data visualization products