My Recently Visited Services

Provision of data, storage, or computational power for research.

This service is a cloud-based learning management system used by most U-M instructors and students to facilitate teaching, learning and collaboration. External applications, including Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) applications, can be integrated within Canvas courses to support and enhance teaching and learning activities both online and in the classroom.

Problems with the MiTools intranet service - errors or system failures

Requests for new MiDent accounts or for changes to existing permissions.

Access to systems supporting remote access to Dentistry resources

FRS allows students to request input from members of faculty during clnical sessions

Access to Tableau workbooks or other data visualization products

The MiTools intranet tool and its components, including (but not limited to) time-off scheduling, appointments, search, and documentation

Use this form for requests and issues arising from a MiDent upgrade

Broadcasting, video recording, and media production.

Software supporting research efforts

Statistical and analytic support for research projects.

Network connectivity - wired, wireless, broadband... including firewalls and access.

Requests to add, remove, or change permissions on other services

The University of Michigan's Learning Management System

Report issues with existing Tableau workbooks

Support for loading student classes, rotations, and vacation schedules into MiDent

System design, architecture, and development. There are overlaps with the Web service as well as the many disciplines such as business analysis and project management that make a large project go.