My Recently Visited Services

Reservation of meeting spaces in the Brandon Center.

Support and administration of request ticketing systems in the Marsal School, including TeamDynamix.

Support for the Marsal School implementation of Salesforce CRM.

Support for various storage options in the Marsal School, virtual server consulting

Purchasing of hardware and software in the Marsal School.

Operations Support for Digital Signage hardware in the Marsal School.

Audio-visual support for scheduled events in the Marsal School.

Information Security consulting, education, and incident response.

Support and administration of Canvas LMS in the Marsal School.

Provide access to various applications and services

On-demand videoconferencing assistance for Marsal School meetings and course sessions.

Miscellaneous IT questions, for the MARSAL-IT team.

Management and allocation of hardware resources in the Marsal School.

Support and administration of the hosted Filemaker database service in the Marsal School (depreciated).

Installation and repair of installed A/V equipment in the Marsal School.