SSC - FIN - Earmarks (UDC Request)

Earmarks, also known as Unit-Defined Commitments (UDC) or encumbrances, allow you to designate funds (revenue or expense) that you are expecting, but have not yet happened. This allows your budgets and reports to reflect a more accurate representation of funds that are available.

Examples: For payroll purposes, you may want to use an earmark for a temporary appointment. For financial purposes you may want to earmark funds for a large purchase you are planning to make in a few months.

Request Unit-Defined Commitment

To request a Unit-Defined Commitment for a future revenue or expense:

  1. Fill out the  UDC Commit Load File (XLS)
    1. Attach the UDC Commit Load File to this request


A Unit-Defined Commitment will remain posted and be reflected on your budgets and reports until it is released either by the end date or by request. If it is still open and the expense/revenue for which it was designated has been posted, it will be counted twice and the available funds will not be accurate until they are released.

Release an Existing Unit-Defined Commitment

View/Monitor Unit-Defined Commitments

Viewing the Unit-Defined Commitment overview will provide instructions on how to search for existing commitments and run reports.

Earmarks (UDC Request) Forms
Click here to request a Earmark (UDC Request)


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