SSC - FIN - Department Maintenance Request


New Department ID: Enter the new Department ID, Description, Parent Department ID, and Department Manager. Note that The Recipient Override fields under Department Contacts can only be filled when updating an existing department ID.

Change Existing Department ID: Enter the existing Department ID and any fields you are updating on it.  

If you need any Recipient Overrides updated, ensure you complete those fields under Department Contacts, or the necessary information will not be sent to the Financial Operations Payroll department.

Inactivation Existing Department ID: Enter the Department ID to inactivate. Review the items on the Inactivation Checklist and confirm they have been completed.  Check off all items in the Inactivation Checklist that have been completed.

If these have not been completed, please review and process these changes before submitting this request.

Batch Request: Please complete the Multiple Department Request Form and indicate if this will require any updates to the Recipient Overrides.

Attach the completed Multiple Request Form template to the eForm using the paperclip icon in the upper right of the form.  You may also attach additional supporting documentation, as needed. 


If you need help determining any of the fields, contact Accounting Customer Service (5-2000 Opt. 3, Opt. 4).


    Denotes required field.

Click here to submit a Department Maintenance request


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