SSC - FIN - Manual Supplier Exception

Manual Supplier Exception eForm

Use this form to submit new supplier ID requests that require manual entry outside of the standard supplier portal registration process.  A valid business reason for the exception is required, and each request will be reviewed for approval of the requested exception.  A Supplier Management team member will notify you promptly if it’s determined that an exception is not in the best interest of U-M or the requested supplier.

If your request is for a non-U.S. supplier, please use the Supplier Maintenance eForm

Additional documentation is needed for all approved suppliers:

  • Supplier W-9 form 

  • Supplier EFT/ACH form if electronic payment is preferred (additional verification will be conducted prior to adding an electronic payment method)

  • Power of Attorney form if payment needs to be issued to a POA (Click here to locate the appropriate POA form)


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Fri 6/18/21 10:59 AM
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