SSC - Videoconferencing Support

The SSC Videoconferencing Team provides the following services to SSC and B&F units, at no cost:

  • Consultation on the best type of meeting (including webinar) and the process

  • We will also set up “dry runs” of the meeting if the requestor would like to run through the process ahead of time

  • Meeting setup - Including, but not limited to Meeting Links & Registration

  • Hosting the meeting (we generally start the meeting early and have an intro slide up and music playing so that attendees can check their audio ahead of time)

  • Running the backend (spotlighting speakers, muting participants who have their microphones on, sharing slide decks during the meeting, reading off questions that come in via chat or Q&A for the meeting requestor to answer)

  • After-meeting reports of attendance, registration, and questions that were asked for the meeting requestor to answer or follow up on

  • Editing of recording, and transcript, if required

We ask that you submit a ticket at least 2 weeks in advance of your event.

For Shared Services Center Events Only - Please make sure that the request is coming from a Committee; or that you have Supervisor or Manager approval for your requested event.

Click here to submit a Videoconferencing Support Request


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