SSC - Business Analytics Request

Types of Business Analytics Request 

  • Are you stuck on a data problem but not sure what questions to ask?

  • Are you managing lots of Excel or Google Sheet files and want to know if there may be an easier way?

  • Curious about reports we've been building for other teams to spark ideas, or see if something may be useful for your team as well?

  • Have you always wanted to know how you can use data to make smart decisions?

  • Are you tackling a specific data issue and not sure where to go with it?

  • Are you building a report for your team and want some tips and tricks on how to present your findings?

  • Are you trying to create metrics for your huddle board that fit the 5’x5’ rules?

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Thu 9/3/20 10:49 AM
Fri 10/8/21 9:22 AM