Digital Signage - Using Individual Images from the Community Content Feed


An overview of how to add individual images a user has selected from the Community Content Feed to their signs instead of adding the application



Digital Signage


User would like to pick and choose individual images from the Community Content Feed to add to their sign


The recommended solution to adding photos to your digital sign is to use a Google Sheet to supply images to the content feed object in FourWinds CMD. You can find detailed instructions on how to build your Google Sheet and implement the Content Feed in this video. Please set up your Google Sheet and content feed object before continuing with these instructions.

  1. Navigate to the Community Content Feed in a web browser
  2. Copy the URL from below the photo you would like to add to your sign
    • You need to copy from the https:// all the way to .png
  3. Paste the copied URL into a new window or tab of your web browser
  4. Right click on the image as it appears in your browser
  5. Select Save Image As...
  6. ​​​​Select where you want the file to be saved and click OK
  7. You need to move the newly downloaded image file from your local drive into your shared digital signage storage drive on the remote desktop server
    • If you have already mapped the drive you can drag the download from your downloads folder directly into your shared storage drive
    • If you have not mapped the drive yet, find the directions to do so here for a Mac computer and here for a Windows PC
  8. Add the name of the image file exactly to your content feed Google Spreadsheet
  9. Fill in the rest of the data in the spreadsheet, what date you want to photo to start showing, what date you want the photo to stop showing, and the duration of time you would like the photo to show for
  10. The image or images will now appear on your sign in the order you placed them on the Google Sheet.

Additional Information

For more information on digital signage, contact the Digital Signage team.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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