Zoom Rooms - Share Content option disabled


How to remove the error message 'This feature is not enabled' for sharing content specifically in a Zoom Room.





You try to hit the Share Content button on your Zoom Room controller and a message pops up saying 'This feature is not enabled.'


The option to share content is set by the meeting host in their meeting options, it is not a setting that needs to be enabled or disabled in the Zoom Room's settings. If you are getting the error message that says 'This feature is not enabled' you can reach out to the host of the meeting, even during the meeting, and request that they allow all participants to share in the meeting. To enable sharing the host needs to:

  1. Click on the carrot, ^, portion of the Share Screen button
  2. Click on Advanced Sharing Options
  3. Under the section labeled 'who can share' select the button All participants
  4. Now everyone, including the Zoom Room, should be able to used the share content function

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