Using the TeamDynamix Hub to Transfer Tickets to Other Applications


The Hub is a way to transfer tickets between the TeamDynamix Ticketing applications used by campus schools, colleges, and administrative units. This knowledge article explains how transfer tickets using the Hub.



TeamDynamix ticketing applications in campus departments and units and the Hub ticketing application


How do I transfer a ticket from one TeamDynamix application to another?


To move a ticket from your TDX application to another TDX application, simply select the right app to move it to, then it will automatically be transferred to that app. The Hub is an app that connects all the TDX apps, and enables ticket transfers between TDX apps. 

Transfer a ticket:

  1. Open the ticket you want to transfer
  2. Click Actions and then select Move to Application
  3. Under >TDX Hub, pick the application to transfer to, add a comment, click Move -> OK
    • NOTE: Do not change the Responsibility Group from the auto assigned default unless directed to do so by the group or individual receiving the ticket. 

Application or Group to which the ticket needs to be transferred Actions -> Move to Application -> TDX Hub ·Other Application
Alumni Association To AAUM
Center for Academic Innovation To CAI
Clements Library IT To Campus CLEM
Data Access Requests To Campus Data Access
Duderstadt Media Commons Tech Support To Campus DMC Tech Support
Duderstadt Facilities To Campus Duderstadt Facilities
Flint Graduate Programs (GP) To Campus Flint GP
Flint Northbank Center To Campus Flint IA
Flint Institutional Analysis (IA) To Campus Flint Northbank Center
Flint Procurements and Contracts To Campus Flint Procurement and Contracts
Flint Office of Registrar To Campus Flint RO
Flint School of Nursing Communications To Campus Flint SON Comms
Fraternity and Sorority Life To Campus FSL
Ford School for Public Policy To Campus FSPP
Global Engagement (GET) To Campus Global Engagement
Institute of Continuing Legal Education To Campus ICLE
The Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering To Campus MICDE
Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center To Campus MichiganADC
Michigan Institute for Care Management and Transformation To Campus MICMT
Michigan Medicine Pharmacology To Campus Pharmacology
The Student Organization Funding Committee To Campus SOC/SOF
Child and Family Centers To CFC
Climate and Space Engineering To CLaSP
College of Engineering (CoE) NOT all Engin supported by COE (see EECS support) To CoE
College of Engineering CoE Mechanical Engineering (CoE-ME-IT) To CoE ME-IT
School of Dentistry (DENT) To DENT
Office of University Development (DEV) - known as OUD To DEV
Data Governance (DG) To DG
Dialysis Data (DialysisData) To Dialysis Data
Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) To DPSS
College of Engineering Advancement (ENG-ADV) To ENG-ADV
University Finance (FIN) To FIN
Flint Information Technology Services (ITS) To Flint ITS
Flint Online Digital Education (ODE) To Flint ODE
Facilities & Operations Information Services (FOIS) To FOIS
International Center (IC) To IC
Information and Technology Services (ITS) To ITS
ITS User Advocate (ITS UA) To ITS UA
Kresge Library - Michigan Ross (KRESGE) To KRESGE
School of Law To LAW
LSA Technology Services (LSA-TS) To LSA-TS
LSA Advancement (LSA-ADV) To LSA Advancement
LSA Facilities To LSA-FO
Marsal Family School of Education (Previously School of Education/SOE) To MARSAL
Michigan Medicine (HITS) To Michigan Medicine (HITS)
Michigan Medicine Development (MM-DEV) To MMDev
Michian Online CAI Online Course Support To MO
Office of Enrollment Management Tech (OEM-Tech) To OEM-Tech
Office of Financial Aid To OFA
Organizational Learning (OL) To OL
Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) To OUA
Rackham Graduate School Finance and Fellowships To RACK
The Research Analysis & Data Integration Office To RADIO
Registrar's Office (RO) To RO
Ross Research Support (RRAT) To RRAT
School for the Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) To SEAS
Student Life Technology Solutions (SL) also known as SLTS To SL
Student Life Campus Information Center (SL-CIC) To SL-CIC
Student Life Palmer Commons (SL-PALM) To SL-PALM
Student Life Unions (SL-UU) To SL-UU
Student Life Rec Sports To Campus SL-Rec Sports
Student Life Wolverine Wellness Course Support To Campus SL-WW-CourseSupport
Student Life Wolverine Wellness SEAP To Campus SL-WW-SEAP
School of Music, Theatre & Dance (SMTD) To SMTD
School of Public Health (SPH) To SPH
Shared Services Center (SSC ) To SSC
Stamps School of Art & Design To STAMPS
Treasurer's Office To TO
University Library To ULIB
UM Museum of Art IT (UMMA) To UMMA
U-M School of Nursing (UMSN) also known as UMSON To UMSN

Additional Information


iPaaS ITS note which details the Changed Application from, Changed Form from, Changed Classification from, and Changed Type from, in addition to the service request attributes and ends with "This ticket was transferred to your application via the Hub."

Need additional information or assistance? Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support.



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