Transferring TeamDynamix Tickets to Non-ITS groups


Transferring tickets in TeamDynamix to campus departments and units using TeamDynamix


How do I transfer tickets from ITS TeamDynamix to other campus units in TeamDynamix?


Transfer the ticket to either the group in ITS Tickets or to the group in another TDX application via the Hub.

ITS Tickets

The following responsible groups are in the ITS Ticketing application. Simply update the Responsible Group on the ticket to assign to one of these unit groups: For more information, see 

Unit IT Groups ARC Unit Groups:
AUD-UnitIT University Audits DENT-ARCTS-unitsupport
FSPP-UnitIT Ford School of Public Policy FSPP-ARCTS-unitsupport
HRIS-UnitIT UHR-DataAnalytics-UnitIT HITS-ARCTS-unitsupport
KINES-UnitIT School of Kinesiology ISR-ARCTS-unitsupport
OFA-UnitIT Office of Financial Aid KINES-ARCTS-unitsupport
OUD-UnitIT Office of University Development LAW-ARCTS-unitsupport
PCM-UnitIT Print Copy Mail LSA-ARCTS-unitsupport
PHAR-UnitIT College of Pharmacy LSI-ARCTS-unitsupport
RACK-UnitIT Rackham Graduate School PHAR-ARCTS-unitsupport
SSW-UnitIT School of Social Work ROSS-ARCTS-unitsupport
TCAUP-UnitIT Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning SEAS-ARCTS-unitsupport
ULIB-UnitIT University Library SMTD-ARCTS-unitsupport
UMOR-UnitIT University of Michigan Office of Research SOE-ARCTS-unitsupport
UMSI-UnitIT School of Information SON-ARCTS-unitsupport
UMTRI-UnitIT University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute SPH-ARCTS-unitsupport

The Hub

The list above is for teams in ITS-Tickets, For teams not in ITS-Tickets, Use the Hub to transfer tickets to other TeamDynamix applications. See Article ID: 3420.

Additional Information

For more details on the Hub, see Article ID: 3420.

Submit a request here ITS-TeamDynamix Support.


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