RO - Change Evaluation Dates

Evaluation Dates

Default evaluation start and end dates are initially assigned to each course based on the class start and end dates. When ordering an evaluation, the department administrator has the option to edit the evaluation start and end dates (and times). If the evaluation order has not yet been published, you may return to DIG and adjust the dates yourself. If the evaluation order has been published, please submit your request here.

Changing Evaluation Dates

Start your request by clicking the blue "Evaluation Date Request" button. Provide the course subject and number (eg. SUBJ 200) and the course sections (eg. 001, 002, 202) and indicate if the course is combined with any other course. Then, set the evaluation start time and the evaluation end time, even if you are electing to change only one or the other.

  • Be sure to set both the date and time. Remember that 12:00 AM indicates the very first minute of the day and 11:59 PM indicates the end of the day. We do not recommend using 12:00 AM as an end time.
  • This form will accommodate date changes to multiple sections of one course if all sections require the same changes
  • Your request may not be approved if the end date extends too far past the end of the regular term. Instructor reports are dependent on all evaluations being closed, and late evaluations compromise our ability to prepare and release reports in a timely manner.
  • All requests must be submitted by the department administrator. 
Evaluation Date Request


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