RO - Add/Remove Instructors to an Evaluation

Course-Instructor Overview

Early in the semester, courses with student enrollment and at least one instructor are imported into Blue. After this initial import, any instructor changes made in MPathways will not be reflected in Blue. Department administrators may add and/or remove instructors during the evaluation ordering process. However, if the order has been placed and published, instructor changes must be made by the Registrar’s Office. 

Request Instructor Changes

Start your request by clicking the blue “Instructor Change Request” button. Each form can accommodate multiple instructor changes to multiple sections of one course, so long as each section indicated requires identical instructor changes. If one section of a course requires an instructor change and another section requires a different instructor change, please submit two tickets.

The following examples illustrate when to submit one ticket and when to submit two:

  • Add Instructor A to AAS 220-001, AAS 220-003; Remove Instructor B from AAS 220-001, AAS 220-003 → one ticket
  • Add Instructor A to AAS 220-001, AAS 220-003; Remove Instructor B from AAS 220-001 → two tickets
  • Add Instructor A to AAS 220-001, AAS 340-001 → two tickets 

Additional Information

  • All requests must be submitted by the department administrator. 
  • The questions assigned to previous or existing instructors will be assigned to any instructor added after the deadline. Secondary templates cannot be accommodated.
  • Instructor changes made by the teaching evaluations department will not be reflected in MPathways. The changes requested here will only apply to teaching evaluations.
  • There is no need to indicate or request an instructor’s role (primary, secondary, etc.) or their contact percent. This information is not relevant to teaching evaluations.
Instructor Change Request


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