Differences Between Official and Unofficial Transcripts

What are the differences between official and unofficial transcripts?

Transcript Type Description Target Audience General Use (example)
Unofficial Transcript

Displays student's U-M course work to date and any transfer credit from previous academic institutions

Includes details on:

  • Academic standing and discipline
  • Honors
  • Milestones
  • Previous academic institution degree and address information
  • How course work transfers to UM Career, Program, and Plan
Primarily Internal Document
  • Academic Standing evaluation tool
  • General university (U-M) business
  • Degree clearance tool (in lieu of Academic Advisement Report)
  • Advising tool (in lieu of Academic Advisement Report)
Official Transcript

Displays student's academic U-M course work to date (previous experience is displayed only in summary)

Printed on official transcript paper or sent as a secure electronic (PDF) document with Registrar's signature and U-M seal

Printed and/or sent only by Registrar's Office

Does not include:

  • Program/Plan activity
  • Detailed discipline activity
Primarily External Document
  • Application for admission to another institution
  • Application for employment
  • Used for all off-campus purposes

Important points:

  • The unofficial transcript is not an official transcript and cannot take the place of an official transcript.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) rules and regulations apply to the information contained within all types of transcripts.
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