Enforced Prerequisite Information Required for the Course Approval Request Form

What enforced prerequisite information needs to be included on the Course Approval Request Form?

The following information should be included on the Course Approval Request Form when initiating or modifying an enforced prerequisite:

  • Equivalent courses,
  • Grade based condition (e.g., minimum grade = C or better),
  • Clarification of academic level condition (e.g., Does "senior standing" mean seniors only or does it mean seniors and above, including graduate students?),
  • Indication of whether departmental credit (e.g., PHYSICS 101X) can be used to satisfy an enforced prerequisite. This question needs to be answered if a prerequisite requires a specific level of course rather than a specific course (e.g., 400 level PHYSICS course),
  • Avoid abbreviations, punctuation and symbols (e.g., JR/SR = Junior or Senior, MATH 510, 511 = MATH 510 or 511).
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Tue 4/5/22 3:30 PM