Wolverine Access Error Messages

How should students respond to Wolverine Access error messages?

Available seats are reserved. Reserved seat requirement not met.
A certain amount of seats in this section have been reserved for selected students. The student does not meet the criteria and will need an electronic permission to successfully enroll in the course. View the reserved seats next to the number of open seats on the Class Enrollment Options page.

Course previously taken and may be subject to institutional repeat policy.
The student has enrolled in this course in a previous term. Review the school or college bulletin to see if this course can be taken again for credit. This is a warning message only. The student has successfully enrolled, but should review their schedule and discuss repetition policies with their academic advisor.

Department Consent Required to Enroll in Class, Add Not Processed.
The teaching department must issue electronic permission for successful registration. The student should contact the Teaching Department for information on obtaining permission to enroll.

Instructor Consent Required to Enroll in Class, Add Not Processed.
The class instructor must issue electronic permission for successful registration. Contact the instructor for information on obtaining permission to enroll.

Multiple Enrollment not allowed for course, add not processed.
The student has already waitlisted or enrolled in another section of this course. To successfully enroll, the student must either drop the waitlisted section and re-submit the "add" transaction, or swap from the currently enrolled section to the preferred section.

Maximum term Unit Load exceeded. Add transaction not processed.
The student is attempting to enroll over their maximum number of credits for the term, and should contact their academic advisor for permission to enroll over the maximum number of credits.

Not Enrolled, Class ##### Full. The requested enrollment add was not processed.
The class has reached its enrollment capacity. If an electronic waitlist exists for the section, re-submit the class add, being sure to check the "Waitlist if class is closed" checkbox, and select the "Register for Class" button.

Please enter value for related component(s).
This course has additional required component(s). Scroll to the bottom of the screen, click "Search" next to "Related Component 1", select your additional class section and select the "Register for Class" button.

Requisites not met for Class, not enrolled.
This class has a prerequisite for enrollment, and the student's record does not show that it has been met. The student may neither waitlist nor enroll in the class. If there are questions regarding the requisite, please contact the Teaching Department.

Time Scheduling Conflict for class 13069 and 13106, not enrolled.
The course the student is adding (ex: 13069) overlaps meeting times with a class they have already enrolled (ex: 13106). If the student wishes to enroll in the course despite the time conflict, resubmit the request, making sure to check the "Time Conflict is okay" checkbox.

Unable to Drop class, will drop below required minimum units for enrollment.
The student is attempting to drop their last registered class and can not do so. Please visit see information on disenrollment for further information.

Units taken for Class Number: 10101 must be in the range of 1 and 4.
The student must enter the credits for the class in the "No. of Credits" box, located on the "Class Enrollment Options" page, for successful registration.

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