GSI Evaluation Access Process

How does the process work for GSI's to access their evaluations?

The process begins when an evaluation is ordered for the GSI using the Evaluation Detail or Evaluation Summary page under Curriculum Management > Teaching Evaluations. Once the evaluation is ordered, the GSI (or any instructor) will be able to log into Faculty Center and see the Evaluations icon for their class.

If the GSI doesn't see the icon it means an evaluation wasn't ordered and they should contact their department to have an evaluation ordered for their class.
At the end of the evaluation period and after grades have been submitted for the class, then instructors will see links to 3 reports after clicking on the Evaluation icon in Faculty Center.

Note: The instructors will have to be sure to turn off "Pop-Up Blocker" on their internet browsers in order for the reports to open in a new window.

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