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How can students obtain verification of degrees received and/or enrollment?

To obtain verification of degree(s) received or enrollment, a student may come to our Wolverine Services site to place an order or send a generic Certification Form via mail, email or fax to the Office of the Registrar. When sending a handwritten letter, please include:

  • Complete student name
  • Student identification number
  • Specific enrollment period and/or degree(s) to be verified
  • Year of graduation (if applicable)
  • Current mailing address and daytime phone number
  • Name and complete address of recipient
  • Daytime phone number

If a form is provided that is to be completed, review it to ensure that the information above is included.

Mail or fax your request and/or form to:

Transcript and Certification Department
Office of the Registrar
University of Michigan
LS&A Suite 5000
500 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382

Phone: 734-763-9066
Fax: 734-764-5556


Email your request to

Preparation of a certification normally takes one week. However, at certain times of the year, it may take longer, so be sure to order early.

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